Applying for use

Applying for use

  1. Check for a vacancy on the day you want to stay via the Vacancy Calendar on our website.
  2. If the rental house is vacant on the day you want to stay, fill out the application form to make a reservation.
  3. In a few days after your application, an e-mail will be sent informing you that we received the application; instructions about the deposit will be included in the e-mail.
  4. Pay a deposit of 25,000 yen (the charge for staying overnight) within seven days after the date of your application.
  5. After confirming the money received, the staff in charge will send an e-mail confirming the reservation, along with details of check-in and other information.

* Until we receive the deposit, the reservation is tentative.
* Pay the deposit through a bank transfer or Paypal.
* Please note that you are responsible for the bank transfer fee.
* If we cannot confirm payment of the deposit within eight days after the date of your application, the reservation shall be canceled.
* A cancellation charge will be required for cancellations after the reservation has been confirmed. The cancellation charge is not required until eight days before the date of the reservation. For the cancellation charge, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Contract.

Check-in procedure

  1. From Kyoto Station, a bus, taxi or train is recommended. Please refer to the “Access” page for more information.
  2. When you made the reservation, we scheduled a pickup appointment, so we will wait for you at Lawson’s on Gojo Dori street.
    (See the map below.)
  3. Check in time is after 15:00~
        It is possible to leave your luggage if there is prior notice.
  4. After arrival, fill out the visitor’s book and pay the remainder of the total charge before we give you a tour of the facilities.
  5. A stay at Tsumugi-Inn is like living in Kyoto.
  6. Check out time is ~ 11:00 am
        At your check in time, we would like to ask your check out time.

Vicinity of Tsumugi In

We will wait for you at Lawson’s, the convenience store near Tsumugi Inn.


You must pay the total charge in advance.
(25,000 yen a day × the number of days) -deposit of 25,000 yen

Payment in cash is in Japanese yen only.yen
If you pay by credit card,
MUFGUCJCBAmerican Express
Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard, DC, Discover, MUFG, UC, JCB, and American Express are accepted.