Facilities and equipment

With the facilities and equipment that are thoroughly focused on convenience and comfort, you can spend time at Tsumugi as if this house were your own.

arrangement of 2F tokonomabedroom
Japanese-style roombed

[2F: Equipment] Television and Air-conditioner
[1F: Equipment] Washing machine ( With dryer ), Refrigerator, microwave oven, IH built-in kitchen, electric water kettle, kotatsu (a Japanese foot warmer: in winter only), Dyson vacuum cleaner, electric fan, television, air conditioner, weighing machine, hairdryer, rice cooker, tableware, electric carpet, Internet access via the wireless LAN
[Amenities] Body soap, shampoo, hair-conditioner, towel, face towel
[Supplies] Various kinds of detergent
► Personal computers and the like are not available.
► At the time of check-in, we will set up as many cups of green tea and instant coffee as there are people.
► During your stay, we will set up as many bottle of drinking water ( 500ml), which guest can bring bottle a water while exploring city.
► A dressing gown for the season is offered in summer and winter.

arrangement of 1F
Kyoto-style townhouse with comfortable rooms and modern conveniences!
first floorkotatsu
electric appliancesInduction Cooktoprest room
comfortable roomsIH built-in kitchendresser and washing machine

After you use it, you can buy the same one as a reminder or a souvenir.

On the premises of Tsumugi Inn, you can buy the same goods you actually used in the room, including bedclothes and robes. In addition, you can also purchase interior equipment on the premises after you actually pick it up.


All the bedclothes used in Tsumugi Inn are made by Hattaya, and you can purchase them after you experience their comfort.

For the purchase of bedclothes and beds, we will introduce Hattaya directly to you, however, pillows can be purchased at Tsumugi Inn.

The buckwheat hull and tea leaf pillow shown in the photo has calming, antibacterial and deodorizing effects due to the aroma of tea leaves and catechin. In addition, the height can be changed to three levels depending on your preference. ((Description of the buckwheat hull and tea leaf pillow. pdf)

External link:The website of Hattaya